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Sarah Kate Photography specialise in capturing the fleeting moments of newborn bliss. Our studio, located in Success, offers a warm and comfortable environment for your photo shoot. We provide a variety of carefully curated props, backdrops, and accessories to create a customized setup that reflects your unique style and preferences.

We recommend scheduling your session when your baby is between 5 to 14 days old. At this tender age, newborns are often more sleepy and flexible, allowing us to capture those adorable, curled-up poses that highlight their delicate features. Although we can accommodate older infants, it's important to note that as they grow, they tend to be more alert, which may change the style of photography to better suit their developmental stage.

During your photo shoot, we take the time to create a relaxed atmosphere, allowing your little one to feel safe and content.

At Sarah Kate Photography, we understand that these moments are fleeting, and we strive to create artful images that freeze time and preserve the purest essence of your newborn.


Contact us today to book your newborn session and let's create treasured memories

that will last a lifetime.

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