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Corona Virus - Business As Usual!


Due to the current Covid-19/Corona Virus outbreak, I thought it would be good idea to keep you up to date with how Sarah Kate Photography is dealing with this situation.

Please rest assure that there is no need to cancel your photo session at this time or decide to not book.

Sarah Kate Photography will be following ALL government guidelines and recommendations that are released, but at the moment it is business as usual. If this does change I will make contact with clients who have photo shoots booked.

I work with brand new babies on a daily basis – I always take their health seriously, and this will never change.

As a mother myself and that of a prem baby I already have strict hygiene practices in place in my studio.

· Hands are washed thoroughly and hand sanitizer used

· Studio is thoroughly cleaned before and after every session

· All outfits, wraps and blankets are washed after every use

· All props that cannot be washed are thoroughly disinfected and wiped over with cleaning solutions such as Dettol spray after every use

Also note that I will only hold one studio session a day, to allow for a full through cleaning after a session.

For my Birth and Fresh 48 clients – again I already practice strict hygiene if I need to handle your little ones during a session; washing hands/ applying hand sanitizer etc and will continue to do so.

I am also happy to wear a face mask, if requested by a client.

I already have a policy in place that if I am unwell or my own children are unwell that I will reschedule your session. For birth clients I will offer to get a backup Photographer out to you if possible. This process will stay the same.

If you or your family are unwell for ANY REASON, I ask that you advise me and reschedule your photo shoot.

All clients entering the studio will be asked to wash their hands with hand wash and use hand sanitizer.

In the event a client or myself needs to reschedule a session or we are unable to hold your photo shoot due to restrictions/ quarantines put in place by the government/health professionals, all booking fees paid can be used towards a future photo shoot. This will be discussed with clients if the need arises.

In the meantime I will continue editing the work I’ve already created, continue to deliver clients galleries, answer emails, book future photo shoots and birth and deliver and fulfill print orders. I will also be offering facetime / video chat to any future birth clients who wish to book and do not feel comfortable meeting in person during this time.

If there are any changes to our service or availability as the government updates recommendations, I will be communicating this via Facebook, email and our website

If you have any questions please do send me a pm or an email!

- Sarah

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